The NL Knowledge House (NL KH) is the home of Dutch knowledge abroad: where knowledge builds collaboration, and collaboration builds knowledge.

It co-creates knowledge on an institutional level with local counterparts in the field of education and (applied) research with other societal stakeholders, such as civil society, and the private sector, such as living labs. Hence, a quadruple helix collaboration. An NL KH serves the education, research, and social impact field as a whole.

The NL KH will work in alignment with the Education and Science network of OCW, and the Dutch embassy, and support the goals of the IKT.

The added value of the KH exists in a collaborative multidisciplinary approach between partners in the global South and North and positioning of the knowledge sector.


The NL KH offers services, information, and a platform to promote international collaboration.

The NL Knowledge House …

  • Builds a bridge and platform through the interactive linkage between the national political agendas and the needs of the knowledge sector.
  • Identifies opportunities for collaboration, seeks new contacts, and guides institutions to promote knowledge sharing.
  • Identifies opportunities for research and innovation.
  • Connects national and international actors in education, (applied) research, civil society, and the private sector, in alignment with the government.
  • Offers an entry point for institutions and individuals to establish themselves in the region.


In July 2022 the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Research (OCW) organized a knowledge mission to Indonesia in which several knowledge institutions took part. During this mission, the NL Knowledge House concept was discussed and the first guiding principles and building blocks for the NL Knowledge House Indonesia were explored.

2023 marked the start of the first pilot of an NL Knowledge House in Indonesia. Its current members are decisive in the set-up of the initiative, which will be evaluated at the end of 2023. The Dutch Ministry of Education is closely aligned with the initiative of the NL Knowledge House.

The Living Lab for Renewable Energy Transition and Climate-Change Mitigation: What’s Next!

A transformative journey with the NL Knowledge House Indonesia’s Living Lab program has been offered to a few businesses cases about making a real impact on the future of our planet. The participants selected will showcase their projects in Kampung Susun Kunir, Jakarta as a catalyst for innovative (digital) student projects that tackle pressing environmental challenges.

The selected business case: WhatIf Lab

The people behind WhatIf Lab will join the NL Knowledge House’s Work Mission in Indonesia for the launching of the Living Labs. Here, they will showcase their prototypes and projects held at Kampung Susun Kunir.

Join the members of the NL Knowledge House will join the WhatIf Tour in one of the Living Lab’s site. Anyone attending can continue the project and products from What If Lab in the community, specifically related to the topics of climate and energy efficiency.

To join this initiative contact

Membership Model

Each member brings their own individual contribution. It is the combination of these members that allow for a strong network and position of the knowledge sector as a whole. Members have a stake in shaping and executing the initiative.
Members are requested to actively contribute to the agenda-setting of the entity and to seek collaboration within the NL Knowledge House when relevant. They also participate in the network of the NL Knowledge House by sharing knowledge and contacts for the greater good of the sector.

Become a Member

We welcome Indonesian and Dutch members from the knowledge sector to join the NL Knowledge House in Indonesia. For more information, please contact: Inge Hutter (chair of NL Knowledge House Indonesia, International Institute of Social Studies) through or Nanya Burki (secretariat NL Knowledge House Indonesia, Nuffic Southeast Asia) through